meet the team

It takes a village to create the Bad Madge magic, here's who help make it possible!

Fritz is obviously the most important member of the Bad Madge team. He's always ready to greet you and is welcoming of pets and cuddles. He's friendly with other dogs and will be willing to share his treats. He is very popular and has many friends in the neighborhood who come to visit. To be honest he runs the shop and makes sure everything is going smoothly. It's not easy but someone's gotta do it.

Fritz | The Mascot

Nat | Sales Manager

Meet Nat! She graduates from SDSU in May of 2021 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies. She grew up in Apple Valley, California and moved down to San Diego for school in 2017. A few of her favorite things include writing short fiction, spending hours on Pinterest, watching too many movies and tv shows, diving headfirst into craft projects, and hanging out with her cat, Fig. She shares her art on her website, She’s excited to be a part of the Bad Madge team and meet some new South Park friends!


Ariadne | Sales Associate

Ariadne is a fur mom to 2 dogs, 3 chinchillas and soon to be a mother of 5 hens. Outside of caring for her animals and gardening, she is a dress making student at Penn Foster with a passion for reconstructing vintage garments back to their original state of perfection. Ariadne was immersed into a world of vintage at a really young age by her grandparents, who would religiously watch movies released prior to the 1970s, this inspired Ariadne’s way of dress and fashion choices on an intense level.. and she is grateful for it as it led her to find Tanya’s Shop, Bad Madge.