meet the team

It takes a village to create the Bad Madge magic, here's who help make it possible!


Fritz | The Mascot

Fritz is obviously the most important member of the Bad Madge team. He's always ready to greet you and is welcoming of pets and cuddles. He's friendly with other dogs and will be willing to share his treats. He is very popular and has many friends in the neighborhood who come to visit. To be honest he runs the shop and makes sure everything is going smoothly. It's not easy but someone's gotta do it.


Melissa Singo | Operations Manager

Melissa is a San Diego native and grew up in Chula Vista. She has an Associates of Arts Degree in Fashion Merchandising from Fashion Careers of California. Melissa’s background includes visual merchandising for Bad Madge Productions and Sears. She was Assistant Fashion Show Producer for Bad Madge Productions. She assisted in coordinating large scale fashion shows, small mall informal shows and everything in between. Her job at Bad Madge includes behind the scenes production with refurbishing furniture, maintaining the backstock inventory, assisting with buying, maintaining the plant patio and keeping the store looking fabulous. Melissa is looking forward to being a grandmother soon. She enjoys concerts, helping her family and caring for her parents.


Kaitlin Williams | Sales Floor Manager

This is Kaitlin! A local San Diego writer, digital designer, and jewelry artist who graduated from UC Riverside in 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing. They enjoy theatre, singing, making people laugh, watching scary movies, and making jewelry. You can find their jewelry and stickers on their Etsy shop or on instagram @theshopaftf. Kaitlin is so excited to be a part of the Bad Madge team and looks forward to welcoming everyone in!


Ansley Wilson | Social Media Assistant

My name is Ansley Wilson, my pronouns are they/them/theirs and I am proudly non-binary. I LOVE Bad Madge, and am beyond grateful and happy to be working here surrounded by some of my favorite things: fun people and funky vintage. I graduated from SDSU in 2020 with a degree in Applied Art & Design with an emphasis in Ceramics, as well as a minor in Feminist Studies. You can find my artwork around the store in the form of mugs, bowls, and vases or planters or on my Instagram @nakedceramics. My work celebrates the things that society has deemed ugly, unacceptable or uncomfortable, accentuating fatness, stretch marks, cellulite, scars, acne, skin color, body hair, and gender expression— all of which I find exceptionally beautiful and worthy of being seen, touched, and held in their clay and human forms.


Adrienne Deming | E-commerce Assistant

Ahoy! My name is Adrienne and my passion is fashion! (And rhyming whenever possible.) I truly believe how we choose to decorate our bodies - and our spaces - carries so much more power than we even give it credit for. I watch the power of dress up every morning as my daughter picks out her clothes for the day. Some days she’s full-on glam, layering on every piece of chunky jewelry she can find, and on those days she struts to the car with so much hawty swagger you’d think she was expecting a tangle of paparazzi to be waiting for her. Other days she hops into her muscle-padded Spiderman costume and sprints to the car, pew pew pewing as she covers everything in imaginary webs. That’s what I love about fashion - it’s play, it’s expression, it’s exploration and it’s storytelling. I’m so thrilled to be part of the Bad Madge team working with such sparkly people who not only love fashion and art and vibrant expression as much as I do, but also value creativity and connection in equal measure!