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Top 10 Selling Items at Bad Madge

At the #1 vintage and consignment store in the U.S., you can find anything from vintage rings and typewriters to vintage dresses and dressers. We’re often asked what sells the most. In honor of eleven years of business, we’ve compiled this list of our top ten best selling items. Think of Bad Madge as your ‘go to for something really good’ when you’re in need of these items:

#10 Wall Art

Whenever you visit the store, we suggest taking 3 trips around the entire space. Check for what’s at eye level, down below, and look up! You never know what incredible art pieces you’ll find when you look up at the walls. We like to carry pieces inspired by indigenous culture and southwestern themes. We also love cottage core and still life artwork!

#9 Desks

Desks became popular at our store during the pandemic and they go fast! If you need to add a desk to your home office, send us a message on instagram! We can assist you immediately.

#8 Necklaces & #7 Earrings

Our exceptional, large selection of jewelry caters to anyone’s unique style. You'll be fascinated by our vintage and retro options. Next time you’re in for a visit, ask a team member about our small business jewelry! Our small business vendors make unique jewelry pieces in a variety of styles. They make excellent gifts and you’re supporting more than one small business at a time.

Sunglasses are $16 each unless otherwise marked

#6 Sunglasses

Local San Deigans know you’ve got to have a good pair of sunnies year round. We work with Bryan Cantrell of Westcoast Eyewear and he provides us with awesome sunglasses, readers, and Zoome blue light blocking readers! Our newest sunnies vendor, Roseys Eyewear is another local brand that focuses on seeing the world with a new perspective. These sunnies feature red lenses in 3 different styles and novelty sustainable packaging. All the materials from this brand are made in small batches which helps the environment and reduces waste! Roseys Eyewear are $45 each.

#5 Jackets

Although we’re moving out of jacket season, now is the best time to invest in a good coat! You’ll be all set for next winter and we always have a great selection of quality vintage jackets available.

#4 Dresses

When you’re in need of formal vintageware, Bad Madge is the hot spot! Most of the dresses we carry are from the 1940’s-1990’s. All dresses include measurements on the tag. No worries if you’re unsure about your size, we have measuring tape in store and we’d be happy to help you with sizing.

#3 Rings

If you love adorning your hands with bands or statement rings, we’ve got your fingers covered! From simple stacking rings to turquoise, we carry a variety of styles and sizes. Our custom brass rings are the most popular ring style in our store. They’re freshly cast in vintage molds and come in a variety of sizes. When you make your way to the front counter, spot the horseshoe, fairy, wolf, and the mermaid among the brass rings. Don’t know your ring size? We have a ring sizer on hand and any team member will be happy to assist you. The custom brass rings are $50 each.

#2 Purses

We love finding the radest handbags, especially the ones that come with goodies like mirrors and coin purses! Next time you’re in the store check out any of our vintage beaded bags. The designs are so stunning and intricate—every closet should have at least one! They’re the perfect go-to handbags for formal events or style them with your everyday look!

#1 Dressers

Mid Century Drexel Dresser sold for $575 at Bad Madge. Light brown colored wood low boy dresser with 7 drawers and 2 doors that open to 3 more drawers. The dresser has a total of 10 drawers.
Mid Century Drexel Dresser sold for $575 at Bad Madge

Mid century modern furniture is our specialty at Bad Madge. The simplicity of mid century pieces make them easy to style and create a timeless look in any room! We always have a great selection of low and high boys to fit your storage needs. Since this is our best selling item, you’ll often find a variety of dressers in our store. You can always check our instagram or give us a call to hear about what we have available. We can send photos as well!


If you’re in need of vintage furniture, fashion or home goods in San Diego, visit our South Park location at 2205 Fern St. San Diego, CA 92102. If you’d like to rent/sell/donate to us or if you have any other questions, give us a call at 619.285.1668. You can find us on socials @badmadge. We look forward to seeing you!

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