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The Sensational Life of Irene Bowyer

Irene, aged 35, in 1956

Irene Bowyer (nee Frost) was born in March 1921 in London, England. As the youngest by ten years of six children, Irene was pampered and adored, growing into a tall, slim and beautiful woman. From partying during the London Blitz wearing a gas mask and modeling for Dior, in 1943 she went on to serve in the WAAF (Women's Auxiliary Air Force) as a plotter in The Operations Room at Royal Air Force Fighter Command.

The Operations Room at RAF Fighter Command's No. 10 Group Headquarters, Rudloe Manor (RAF Box), Wiltshire, showing WAAF plotters and duty officers at work, 1943.

While a plotter, she caught the eye of Edward Cyril Bowyer, a prominent business man in the British Aircraft Industry, and became his third wife in 1944. She loved all aspects of fashion and never left home without perfecting her make-up and “look” for the occasion.

At the age of 69, Irene passed away of lung cancer in 1990. Irene’s amazing spirit will continue to live on in the rare treasures she left behind. Thanks to her daughter, Deb, we can share her jewelry and her story with everyone. You can find the extraordinary and peculiar pieces Irene once had in her jewelry box at Bad Madge.

items from Irene's jewelry box at Bad Madge
items from Irene's jewelry box at Bad Madge
items from Irene's jewelry box at Bad Madge

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