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Halloween at Bad Madge!

Happy Hallo-week! We have some amazing finds at Bad Madge to perfect your Halloween season. From costumes, to spooky decor, we have everything you'll need to make your creepy dreams a reality this season.


Shopping sustainably is a practice for all times of the year.. Even costumes! Anything from 20's flapper, to 50's housewife, to retro playboy bunny are all great options that you are sure to find when shopping vintage. Here are some of our current picks from the store!

Decor and Jewelry!

From barware to classic trick or treating necessities, we have an amazing selection of classic decor to fill your home with for the the spooky season. And check out this brass spider ring! It's easy to get in the Halloween spirit when eclectic vintage finds come your way.

We always have fun this time of year when the holiday season rolls around. Whether Halloween is your thing or not, it's always a great day rummaging through your local vintage shop! Come see us in South Park, San Diego and get your spooky on!

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