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1940's Vintage

Here at Bad Madge, we love all decades of the past. Each month we are going to be highlighting some in-store favorites from each era. Time travel with Tanya! This month, let's visit the 1940's.

When it comes to fashion, the 1940's were known for austerity. With the start of the war in 1939, funds were extremely limited when it came to fabrics and materials. Styles were simple, modest, and utilitarian. Women wore simple cotton blouses, button-down dresses, and gloves. The 1940's were indicative of the 'military style' dress showcasing wide shoulder pads, khaki color waves, and complimenting accessories.

Once the war ended in 1945, people started looking for styles to bring them joy. More colors and different shapes were finally introduced. Christian Dior coined a revolutionary style that would follow us into the 1950's. He called this "The New Look"and this was one of the biggest shifts in fashion that we can still trace today. Featuring rounded shoulders, a cinched waist, and a full skirt, "The New Look" celebrated femininity and opulence in women's fashion.

When it came to everyday household items, we were starting to see a shift in materials and elegance in the 1940's. For example, glassware started showcasing gold trim, kitchenware had an upgraded and modern edge, and even decor had an artistry that we had never witnessed before. This was truly a revolutionary time for artists. This pastel vase from Hall was a common piece you would see in most 1940's homes, as seen in Bad Madge!

The 1940's were a substantial time in fashion, art, and culture. There is so much you can still see today that was stemmed from historical moments that took place so many decades ago.

As always, Bad Madge showcases several relics from the past in store and online! Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily shopping, and thank you for joining our vintage family! We love having you on our team.

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