Lash.Live is an online platform and interactive marketplace that brings shoppers and sellers together. It’s like QVC, meets Youtube, meets Facebook Live as a new way to shop, right at the click of a button, with one-click live shopping. It allows you to interact and shop in real-time. And enjoy products shipped right to your door. It’s a really fun community supporting small business owners and makers.


Here at Bad Madge, it's a chance to connect with our shoppers. We get so many people from all over and want to stay connected. That's what makes it special, being able to have the in-person shopping experience with the convenience of not having to leave your house! 


Joining Lash.Live is pretty straight forward! All you have to do is download the app or visit's website! Sign up and follow our Bad Madge & Co store. It's just that easy!

Are you ready to shop live with us?

Next Live Sale:



Here will be a description of the sale. The theme and what it will include. As well as CTA's and directing them to teasers, BTS, Raffle prize. VIP shopper group, etc.

Sale Sneak Peek