South Park, San Diego, California

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Bad Madge Truns Nine...

Join us Wednesday March 13th at 5pm to celebrate our birthday!

Join Bad Madge and one of our beloved and featured designer in our shop, Eliza Tolley, for a celebration you won't want to miss.

We're having a "Passion for Pattern" lecture where we'll learn about patterns through history and the social acceptance of patterns in art and fashion. Perfect for our vintage loving Bad Madge family.

Light snacks and cocktails will be served, so let's celebrate!

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Bad Madge Vintage Cocktail Party

Bad Madge & Kindred presents the official Vintage Cocktail Party! @barkindred Bad Madge made over the restaurant and bar with special seating and one of a kind cocktail glasses! Customers and regulars came dressed to impress in their finest vintage style to Celebrate the South Park Old House Fair!