meet our contributers

Meet some of those who bring a little more of their magic to Bad Madge!


Bryan Cantrell -"Westcoast Eyewear" | Eyewear Contributor

Bryan aka the Sunglasses guy (West Coast Eyewear) has been peddling Sunglasses for twenty-six years. He contributes a crazy fun retro style selection for some of the sunnies here at Bad Madge. He's a Fire Starter (Radiate Portable Campfires), Shark Tank Entrepreneur, as well as a Beauty Lotions and Potions Maker. He's also a Writer of Screenplays, Creator of Comics, Producer of Content, a Husband, a Father, a Wolf and Dog Advocate, and obviously in Sunny California a Surfer of Waves.

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Emily Rodriguez -"Emily Twirls" | Vintage Enthusiast & Picker

Emily is a diehard collector of the style called dead 50’s!  What does that mean?  All that stuff that people threw away in the ’80s and ’90s because they thought Pink Frieze couches and enormous clocks that looked like stars were tacky!  As a collector of things vintage for the last eleven years, she can honestly say she'll bring you the best from coast to coast!  She and her husband have gone to the furthest reaches of the US in search of all things Atomic and Mid Century! Her love for the pick brings another fun element to Bad Madge!


Bridget  -"Lucky Pony Vintage"

Bridget is a San Diego native, ocean lover, vintage aficionado, and mom of two boys and two fur babies. Vintage has been part of her life since as early as she can remember, digging for treasure in her Tanta's basement in New Mexico, her grandparent's barn in Kansas, and antiquing cross country with her parents. She is a self-described blend of magpie and squirrel, as she goes every direction, finding intriguing items and bringing them back to her place where she keeps, gifts, or shares. Her studies and professional career are not vintage-related, but rather in the health field, which was also inspired by family experiences. She loves being part of the Bad Madge family as a picker, especially on drop-off days with all the laughs and camaraderie. Her best moments are when another vintage aficionado falls in love with an item she rescued...her heart swoons! She can be followed on Instagram @lucky.pony.vintage.


Shawna Bong -"Shawna Bong Jewelry" | Jewelry Curator

Shawna Bong has been a part of the Bad Madge family for over five years. She was a previous sales associate turned jewelry guru. While living in San Diego she owned an accessory business selling vintage, crystal, stone, and unique handmade jewelry. She recently moved back to her home state of Wisconsin but continues to contribute jewelry as a part of our extended Bad Madge family.


Terrence Burns - "World Visuals" | Visual Merchandiser

Terrence is one of the most wonderfully unique and creative souls you’ll ever meet. When you visit the store, Tanya wants you to feel the nostalgia with Bad Madge being its own mini department store. As our visual merchandiser at Bad Madge, he just knows what works to capture her vision. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and is not only a merchandiser but a designer and artist. He is a believer that kindness goes a long way. If you catch him at the shop doing his thing he’ll most likely catch you off guard with a funny quirky joke (he’s the king of jokes). 

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Vaughn Avakian | Vintage Enthusiast & Picker